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AI X Business Summit: Generative AI Summit

April 23 @ 10:00 am - 5:30 pm EDT

AI X Ai X Generative AI Summit, co-located with ODSC East 2024,

AI X Ai X Generative AI Summit, co-located with ODSC East 2024,

The Ai X Generative AI Summit is a dedicated event within the ODSC East 2024 Conference, providing a concentrated focus on the transformative potential of generative AI (GAI) and its impact on various industries. This unique summit will connect leading experts, researchers, and practitioners to explore the latest advancements in GAI, foster collaboration, and empower attendees to harness the power of GAI to address real-world challenges.

Theme: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: Revolutionizing Industries and Shaping the Future

The summit’s overarching theme, “Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: Revolutionizing Industries and Shaping the Future,” reflects the transformative potential of GAI to revolutionize various sectors and reshape the technological landscape. From healthcare and finance to art and entertainment, GAI is poised to disrupt and redefine industries by automating tasks, generating creative content, and enhancing decision-making.

Key Agenda Highlights

  • Keynote Speakers: Renowned experts and pioneers in generative AI will share their insights and perspectives on the latest advancements and applications of GAI. These speakers will delve into topics such as:
    • The evolution of generative AI and its impact on various industries
    • The latest GAI techniques and their applications in image, audio, and video generation
    • The role of GAI in personalized experiences, customer engagement, and marketing
    • The ethical considerations and responsible development of GAI
    • The future of GAI and its potential to solve global challenges
  • Technical Sessions: A series of focused technical sessions will provide attendees with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of GAI. Sessions will cover topics such as:
    • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Image and Video Synthesis
    • Novel GAI Techniques for Creative Content Generation
    • Personalized Recommendations and GAI-powered Marketing
    • Explainable AI and Understanding GAI Models
    • Ethical Considerations and Responsible GAI Development
  • Panel Discussions: Interactive panel discussions will bring together experts from diverse domains to discuss critical issues and trends shaping the GAI landscape. These discussions will explore topics such as:
    • The future of GAI in healthcare and drug discovery
    • The impact of GAI on the financial industry and risk assessment
    • The role of GAI in art, music, and creative expression
    • The ethical implications of GAI in social media and content moderation
    • The future of work and automation in the era of GAI
  • Hands-on Workshops: Interactive hands-on workshops will offer attendees the opportunity to gain practical experience in implementing GAI techniques for real-world applications. Workshops will cover topics such as:
    • Building GANs for Image Generation
    • Generating Creative Text and Music with GAI
    • Personalizing User Experiences with GAI
    • Explaining GAI Models and Understanding Their Outputs
    • Developing Ethical Guidelines for GAI Development and Deployment
  • Networking Opportunities: Ample networking opportunities will connect attendees with fellow GAI enthusiasts, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. These interactions will foster collaboration, build relationships, and open doors to new opportunities in the GAI field.

Target Audience

The Ai X Generative AI Summit is designed for a broad audience of professionals interested in exploring the transformative potential of GAI, including:

  • Data scientists
  • Machine learning engineers
  • AI practitioners
  • Researchers and academics
  • Students and aspiring data scientists
  • Developers and software engineers
  • Industry professionals from various sectors
  • Startup founders and entrepreneurs
  • Investors and venture capitalists


The Ai X Generative AI Summit aims to:

  • Provide attendees with the latest knowledge and skills in generative AI
  • Inspire and empower attendees to apply GAI to solve real-world problems
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among GAI professionals
  • Connect attendees with industry leaders and potential collaborators
  • Promote the responsible and ethical development and use of GAI

Join the Ai X Generative AI Summit as we explore the transformative power of GAI and its impact on shaping the future. Together, we can harness the potential of GAI to revolutionize industries, enhance human experiences, and address global challenges.

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Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 2115 United States
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