DevOpsDays Raleigh 2019

October 1, 2019

October 2, 2019

8:00 am To 5:00 pm

1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC 27606


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    Welcome to the 4th annual DevOpsDays Raleigh registration page! We are so excited to be returning to the Triangle DevOps Community for another year of professional development!

    DevOpsDays is a technical conference for developers, system administrators and anyone else, whether expert or beginner, involved in technology. With technology and responsibilities crossing over spaces, DevOps is a movement that has rapidly spread through the technical community along with the adoption of agile techniques. DevOps Days take place all over the world as self-organized events which community members who are passionate about their work attend. The format of presentations, Ignites and Open Spaces is unique to this event. It is highly interactive and invigorating for attendees.

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    DevOpsDays Raleigh 2019 Speaker and Activity Lineup


    • Adam Lefkowitz – Agile transformation patterns that are being repeated in DevOps transformations

    • Andy Naumann – Growing Pains: What Happens When Your Product Gets Big?

    • Ann Marie Fred – Devsecops: How to Level up It Security Expertise in Your Organization

    • Anne Hungate – A Successful DevOps Initiative Starts with Knowing Your Numbers

    • Chris Short – DevOps Is Not War: No One Dies When Prod Goes Down

    • Christopher Merz – DevOps and K8s: Delivering Cloud Native Anywhere

    • Cory Watson – Better Monitoring for Humans: The CASE Method

    • Dan Barker – Making Just Culture Just Your Culture

    • Daniel Oh – Supersonic Java Quarkus with Knative Serverless

    • Dave Rogers – Just Enough Feature Flagging

    • David Maillet – Delivery Flexibility: Pipeline as Code with Jenkins & Groovy

    • Erik Peterson – FinDevOps and Site Reliability in the Serverless Age

    • John Esser – Avoiding the Infamous DevOps Team!

    • Josh Atwell – How to Be a Failure

    • Josh Stella – Did Netflix Inadvertently Figure Out How to Better Secure the Cloud?

    • Julie Gunderson – The Psychology of Chaos Engineering

    • Kirk Kaiser – Build and Monitor Machine Learning Services in Kubernetes

    • Logan Daigle – This IS the Generative Culture You Are Looking For

    • Martez Reed – Intelligent Deployment Pipelines


    • Adam Lefkowitz – Agile Transformation Patterns That Are Being Repeated in DevOps Transformations

    • Craig Cook – Learning from Failure: How We Learned a Better Way

    • Ethan Fritz – Over the Ant Hill to Gradle

    • Jessica Repka – Opensource Container Security: A Brief Overview

    • Khadijah Anderson – What to Do When Your Foundation Fails You: Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning for Platforms

    • Matt Lavin – Fully Automated Production Deployments with HIPAA / HITRUST Compliance

    • Paige Cote – Using ChatOps Bots to Drive Practice Adoption

    • Ravi Lachmann – Doughnut Dilemma: A Lesson in Resource Managers

    • Sanket Godbole – GCP vs AWS: Our Head in the Clouds

    • Waldo Grunenwald – Argue Better with Active Listening

    • Wendy Raschke – When Your Unhappy DevOps Customer Is That Guy down the Hall


    • Marguerite Bryan – Expand Your DevOps Practice and Your Value to the Organization

    • Eric Schabell – DevOps Heroes: Adding Automation Integration to Your Toolbox

    • Dan Barker – Getting Started with AI for Free

    • Dave Stanke, Ben Bley – Site Reliability Engineering and the art of SLOs



    DevOpsDays Raleigh

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