The Summit Business Accelerator Circle

April 1, 2019

June 30, 2019

9:30 am To 10:00 am

Connecticut and NYC


    Event Description

    The Summit Business Accelerator Circle The Summit Business Accelerator Circle is a service designed by The Summit to assist you in growing their businesses in line with their unique purpose. It’s also a conscious effort to take back the quality of experience you can have from getting out from behind your computer, your to-do list, your responsibilities to children, their school, your pets and have a real conversation – not just with the person sharing something of import, but the person sitting next to you, from the questions asked and from the nuanced conversations surrounding any given topic. Most importantly, setting goals translates to success. A recent Harvard Business study found that only 3% of MBA graduates wrote down their goals, yet this 3% went on to make ten times more than the remaining 97%. And related, each time that you write and look over your goals, you improve your chances of achieving your goals by 42%. With that, a certain quality of focus and clarity surfaces so that no matter what your business or what stage of business growth you’re in, each member will be supported in naming and working towards specific goals that are aimed to up-level your relationship to the work you do, the clients you serve and the community that surrounds you. The aim is to accelerate your success – however, you define it. Within that goal, is to put you on the front burner and in doing so avoid overwhelm and burnout, get the right work with the right clients and move from reactive to proactive activities that support the business you want to build. Available only to women, the Circle has the added benefit of capitalizing on how women like to best problem-solve and reduce stress – by working together. The Summit Business Accelerator Circle Structure The 90-day Summit Business Accelerator Circle is made up of three complementary parts including monthly group meetings, aspirational homework assignments and coaching calls. 2-hour in-person Summit Circle Accelerator Meeting/MonthThough the number of virtual options to learn, create and share is infinite, there is something that happens at a live event that can’t unfold anywhere else. The Summit Business Accelerator Circle uses a “mastermind” model to ensure success for each member – a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your professional skills. You’ll be part of a monthly, in-person meeting that will be scheduled according to each member’s availability. (e.g. during the school year, meetings will take place during school hours) for three consecutive months.  The monthly meeting is structured such that each member has the attention of the group for a specific period of time (approximately 15 minutes) to share progress towards your SMART goals since the previous meeting including successes, challenges and new thinking in light of the previous months’ activities. This technique of undivided attention is a very powerful way to propel you forward with insights, resources and general support from fellow Circle members to assist in propelling you forward. Each month you will leave with achievable action steps in anticipation of the next time the Circle meets.  Aspirational Homework AssignmentsAs an entrepreneur, it is sometimes difficult to get your head up and out of the weeds and think in a much bigger way about where you want to go as a small business owner. Aspirational homework assignments like writing a future bio for yourself, breaking down how confidence does or doesn’t show up for you, how we foster our own creativity in a hectic world, allows us to break out of our to-do lists and imagine a bigger, brighter future. Between each monthly in-person meeting, participants will be asked to take on the optional aspirational homework assignment that will be discussed dinner-table style at the end of each meeting. 30-Minute Coaching Session/MonthIn between the 2-hour monthly meeting, I will be available at a mutually convenient time for a 30-minute accelerated coaching session. During that time you get to choose the topic(s) for discussion including how to prioritize next steps, addressing any challenges or bottlenecks that need attention in order for you to move forward. I can also simply act as a sounding board to help you stay on track. The session is accelerated as a way to practice effective communication skills – being prepared with top line questions that, when addressed, will allow you to move forward. The Summit Business Accelerator Circle Benefits and OutcomesThere are tangible and intangible benefits of joining a group of women working together to help one another grow as professionals. Here are some sample benefits: A personalized set of 1-3 goals and timeline for three months to reach them Reaching a goal you’ve been thinking of for months, but unable to achieve on your own A community of women business owners invested in your success A forum to exchange empathy, success stories, and “watch out for…”, in a structured way Insights for your business that you can’t see for yourself Access to answers for shared challenges New, strategic connections and resources Professional guidance to keep the group on track Laser 1:1 professional guidance outside of the group setting A community you can count on Eligibility to Join The Summit Business Accelerator CircleThe Summit Business Accelerator Circle is open to women business owners who are: Summit Retreat and/or coaching graduates* Committed to growing as a business professional Excited to assist other women in growing as business professionals Able to commit to four in-person meetings within four months Known to show up– knowing their fellow members are relying on them Willing to share their successes, challenges, insights and resources    Investment to Join The Summit Business Accelerator Circle$495/pp Payment options available.   To apply for The Summit Business Accelerator Circle:, 917-751-4468   *If you have not participated in a Summit Retreat and/or 1:1 Summit Coaching, you’re required to participate in a 2-hour Business Re-set session prior to joining the Summit Business Accelerator Circle. Investment: $225.


    Sheilah Crowley, Founder & CEO, The Summit

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