NYJavaSIG – Supersonic, Subatomic Java with Quarkus -and- Spring Contracts is the Missing Link for Deployment

August 22, 2019

August 22, 2019

6:30 pm To 8:30 pm

11 Madison Ave Colello Auditorium - Room 2B, New York, NY 10010



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Does your heart beat faster when you’re developing your Java application? Do you Spark Joy when you’re coding it? If not, then it’s time to leave some old ways behind.

Join us on this live coding session and become Ahead of Time with Quarkus. You’ll learn to love how your old and new favorite APIs will start in a matter of milliseconds, and consume tiny amounts of memory. With hot reload capabilities for development that will give you instant Sparks of Joy! Life is too short to wait for your big, fat, slow, and memory hog app to re(start).

Edson Yanaga, Red Hat’s Director of Developer Experience, is a Java Champion and a Microsoft MVP. He is also a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java, Microservices, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Software Craftsmanship.  Yanaga considers himself a software craftsman, and is convinced that we all can create a better world for people with better software. His life’s purpose is to deliver and help developers worldwide to deliver better software faster and safely – and he can even call that a job!


You’ve built your 12 Factor Microservices application and all tests pass with 95% coverage. Looking good, right?Then you deploy to production, and kapow! Rollback! What happened?

Well, your tests all passed but you never tested the endpoints. Consumer Driven Contracts is a development model for specifying contracts that are shared by providers and consumers, to generate boundary tests in the form of executable stubs. In this talk, we will build a client and server application where all the tests pass. Then we will show how they fail when deployed. Finally, we will see how Spring Contracts could have saved a lot of heartache. Here’s a list of useful topics we’ll cover:

Spring Contracts, and some of its underlying technologies, including:

  • Project organization; POM dependencies

  • Contract syntax

  • Generating stubs from contracts

  • Running the stubs on the consumer side

  • Verifying the stubs on the producer side

  • Versioning

  • A brief look at the underlying testing frameworks:

  • MockMvc

  • WireMock API testing framework

  • RestAssured testing framework

  • Mockito

  • Verifying non-Java APIs

Victor Grazi leads the US infrastructure development team at Nomura Securities. He is a Pluralsight author, has served as infoQ Java lead editor, served on the Java community process executive committee, and is an Oracle Java Champion.

Victor is a frequent presenter at technical conferences, and hosts the “Java Concurrent Animated” and “Bytecode Explorer” open source projects.



About the Organizers

The NYJavaSIG was the very first Java user group started back in 1995.  It currently is the largest Java User Group in North America (and 2nd largest on the planet) with well over 8K members.

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