Maximize Your Influence!

March 15, 2019

March 15, 2019

8:30 am To 5:30 pm

28 Liberty St F6, New York, NY 10005


    Event Description


    Attention entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners! Who else wants to get seen, heard and do more business in 2019? Maximize Your Influence!A Powerful One-Day Conference that Delivers Results: Friday, March 158.30 – 5.30 pm A Powerful One-Day Conference that Delivers Results:   As an entrepreneur, you need to have a powerful presence to stand out in the marketplace.    Influence includes branding, marketing – and first of all, MINDSET!    This unique, powerful conference will bring together exciting, influential speakers and will give you a head start on all of these and more!    Register to Maximize Your Influence!    – Learn from outstanding coaches and speakers – Up-level your presentation – Discover your personal style – Expand your mindset to sky-rocket your success – 3 Key elements to having a captivating style and much more!     ANDREA FEINBERG will teach you how to create a powerful stage presence to increase your income   DOR  LATA will teach you how to create      a powerful first impression   PAULA OLESKA will show you how to achieve your own Maverick Mindset   CHRIS SALEM will teach you what it takes to have success mindset   GRAHAM DOBBIN will teach you how to add inspiration, excitement and power to your networking   GLENN PLASKIN will show you how to create a book that will instantly brand you as an Expert   TAG YOUR FRIENDS IN NEW YORK CITY THAT YOU THINK SHOULD ATTEND.  The conference is free! You just need to put down a $59 seat deposit – you will get it back when you attend. You can get special perks when you upgrade: For only $59 more, you will get a Silver VIP ticket: ​​​Online courses from Paula and Chris Lunch with the celebrity ghost writer Glenn Plaskin – priceless! Priority seating For only $97 more, you will get a Gold VIP ticket:​All of the above perks: Plus a special hour of group coaching with selected speakers at 6pm It’s Amazing How Much You Can Expand Your Influence and Power in Just One Day!Join us at Maximize Your Influence!


    Paula Oleska and Chris Salem

    About the Organizers

    As an award-winning brain coach, best-selling author, and mindset maverick, Paula Oleska has helped thousands of individuals reach their potential through her Brain Upgrade® method, the cutting-edge of neuroscience. Business leader advisor, keynote speaker, and prosperity coach Chris Salem has a special passion for empowering and serving business leaders and entrepreneurs by taking their business and life to another level. 

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