Autodesk Forge Accelerator – NYC (Sept 9 – 13)

September 9, 2019

September 13, 2019

9:00 am To 5:00 pm

New York, NY 10010


    Event Description


    Develop for the Cloud with Autodesk Forge

    Autodesk Forge Accelerator is an opportunity to work intensively on a chosen project with help, support and training from Autodesk Cloud Engineering teams.

    The Autodesk Forge Accelerator is designed to help creative developers leverage Autodesk Forge Cloud APIs –

    Applications are being accepted for the currently scheduled Forge Accelerator in New York City in September. Space is limited. Deadline for submitting your proposal is Friday August 9, 2019. 

    How to Apply

    Simply click ‘Register’ button above, fill in the fields and we will contact you if you are accepted.

    You will need to fill in the following information:

    1.  Company (Name & Address)

    2.  Attendees – the names and email addresses of the one or two people who will attend the accelerator

    3.  Autodesk APIs to be used – such as…

     Viewer API, 
     Design Automation API (for Revit, Inventor, AutoCAD, 3ds Max), 
     BIM 360 API,
     Data Management API, 
     Model Derivative API,
     Reality Capture API (beta).

    4.  Your proposal – explain in 2000 words or less, why you should be a participant.

    You can also include a link to an image (jpg, png, pdf) to support your proposal.

    In your proposal, make sure you include the following information:

    • Mention how you intend to use the Autodesk Forge APIs to fulfill a compelling customer need

    • Describe what you are going to code and prototype during the Accelerator.

    • Will you present a ‘demo’ on the presentation day (last day) ?

    • Strong development skills

    • High motivation

    For more details about this and other Forge Accelerator events:


    What can I bring into the event?

    You’ll need to bring your own laptop.  We provide wifi, power and, presentation equipment if you want to present your work on the ‘demo’ day (last day).

    Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

    Yes.  You can update the attendees at any time.


    Jaime Rosales

    About the Organizers

    Jaime Rosales is a Senior Developer Advocate since August 2018 for the Autodesk Developer Network and Forge Development Partner Program. He joined Autodesk in 2011 through the acquisition of Horizontal Systems: the company that developed the cloud-based collaboration systems—now known as BIM 360 Glue (the Glue). He was responsible for developing all the add-ins for BIM 360 Glue, using the API’s of various AEC desktop products. He is currently empowering customers with the use of Autodesk Forge platform, through the world with hosted events such as Cloud Accelerators, AEC Hackathons, VR & AR Hackathons.. He spends part of his time presenting in different parts of the US, Europe and Latin America about the implementation of 3D content for web applications through the JS and NodeJS communities.

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